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TouchMD Consult™

TouchMD Consult is an Interactive Imaging and Patient Education Platform that allows you to maximize communication with patients before, during and after the consultation. Consult is available for Windows and iPad.

Educate with Ease

Customize the education process to your office flow, taking advantage of patient down time and making the most out of patient consultations.


Quickly articulate benefits and treatment options to patients

Staff can review photo galleries, peri-operative instructions, physician recommendations and much more.


Efficient, streamlined consults for a high-end patient experience

Consistency of workflow and visual messaging so all staff can deliver consistent, effective communication to patients at every step of the process.

Increase Conversion Rates

Patients have a more visual understanding of their treatment outcomes and are more likely to proceed


Give patients an unparalleled personal experience that elevates their level of confidence in your practice and treatment choices.


An easy to navigate touch interface allows the doctor or patient to view topic driven educational information about a particular service or procedure. Menus are designed to adapt to your patient flow.

Educational Videos and Content

TouchMD uses video content from accredited sources to help patients understand procedures and treatments. TouchMD is continually updated as the industry advances.

Practice Introduction

TouchMD is customized for the doctor and highlights the practice using video or still images. This information allows the patient to become comfortable with the doctor and their staff.

Before & After Gallery

Doctors can easily transform their Before and After Gallery into a digital format to discuss with their patients. Doctors can communicate possible outcomes and illustrate how they achieved desired results.

Advanced Drawing Capabilities

Advanced Drawing Tools (ADT) for TouchMD brings many new features to the existing drawing set. Draw on full quality images and save them right back to the patient gallery.

Patients Relive the Consultation

The TouchMD Patient Portal is a secure website that allows patients to view topic videos, services, galleries and personalized images. Patients can log in using their home computer or smartphone to review their consultation.

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This app is not for patient use.

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